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Building unlimited crystals Empty Building unlimited crystals

on Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:33 pm
Once you have Lab level 21 and can unlock advanced battle and advanced research, look in the advanced battle section and start your first research.

Building unlimited crystals 11111110

Click "unlimited crystallization tech" and start it. Once you have completed this (it should cost 50 unlimited crystals, so you will need to buy at least 1 pack of gold before you can do this research) you can then go into the forge ship , then under the advanced menu you will find this.

Building unlimited crystals 22222210

If you choose to build 100 unlimited crystals it will cost 2 million cash, 100 shadow matter and 1 Pure crystal.

Building unlimited crystals Ark_of16

If you choose to make 20 unlimited crystals it will cost 2 million cash, 40 shadow matter and 20 cosmic crystals (green ones)
As you can see, it is far cheaper to make 100 at a time than 20.

Building unlimited crystals Ark_of17

To do all the research required to make your first T9 unit of any type will cost 38 000 unlimited crystals and the cost quickly escalates from there. Here is the price of T10 airships research (for T10 infantry and walkers the cost is the same, but swapping gas for cash or electric respectively).

Building unlimited crystals 55555510

So good luck building those T9 and get saving Pure crystals.
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