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Speed ups tutorial Empty Speed ups tutorial

on Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:35 pm
First, open your inventory and select the speed up you want to upgrade. Click the upgrade button.
Speed ups tutorial 20180910

Next select the other speed ups you wish to combine with your selected one.

Speed ups tutorial 20180911

As you can see, I have chosen 1 extra 24 hrs speed up and 2 extra 8 hrs speed ups giving me a total of 2x 24 hrs and 2x 8 hrs

This brings up a percentage of success rate for gaining a 3 days speed up

Press the "Upgrade now" button to be given a warning message

Speed ups tutorial Ark_of10

Click to cancel, or confirm and a brief message will flash up telling you of your success or failure.

Please bear in mind that these percentages are not accurate and experience has shown them to be less than stated. Try to be conservative with your success rate percentage to achieve best results.
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